Mary Clarke

Mary Clarke is originally from the East End of London and has travelled extensively. Through her travels and living in London, Canterbury, Papua New Guinea and now Ireland, Mary has been influenced by colour and the visually tactile. As a process artist who takes a multimedia approach, Mary uses a variety of mediums such as paint, photo montage, cloth, photography and various printing techniques. She seeks to achieve a consistent level of unique, interesting images that portray simplicity and an oriental stillness. Mary finds different ways of presenting and adapting her work to give depth and hidden layers to the finished artwork.

Qualifications include BA (Hons) Fine Art:  DIT Mountjoy Square Dublin Ireland; HND Fine Art: Kent Institute of Art and Design, Canterbury Kent, and Btec: Kent Institute of Art and Design, Canterbury, Kent. Her major studies were Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Combined Media, Research Dissertation and she also studied Photography, Multimedia, and Foundry.


Previous Exhibitions

Group Show – Various joint exhibitions across Ireland and UK.
Permanent Hangings
Connolly Hospital Dublin
Private and Corporate in Ireland, United Kingdom and Australia.