Meath Arts Group is a cultural, non-political, not-for-profit organisation founded in 2006 seeking to support working visual artists and to promote full recognition of the value of their works. These visual artists have joined together for the benefit of shared resources, education and marketing.

The association has an active membership of painters, sculptors, potters, photographers and other visual artists who wish to share and explore the opportunities of developing their art.

The purposes of Meath Arts Group are to organize, promote, encourage, assist, and develop the interests of visual artists in Meath.

Within the site is a list of members either by surname or by media type. Just follow the links to find out more information about the artist or art form you are interested in.

As there are images on this site we ask that anyone who wishes to reproduce any of these artworks respects the rights of the artist and seeks permission through Meath Arts Group simply by contacting either us or the relevant artist. That said, we hope you will enjoy browsing through the vast array of talent shown on this site and we look forward to some feedback from you about the site, the art work, the Group or any other relevant subject.


The core objectives of the Group are:

1.  To provide a permanent arts centre to promote the status of the visual arts and to act as a resource for artists and the general community, free from aesthetic, political, cultural or any other
bias or exclusivity.

2. To raise the profile of artists and the arts within the community and to make the arts accessible to the broadest possible public.

3. To provide a vehicle for artists to make a valuable contribution to the community in which they work while at the same time enabling them to perfect their own skills and contribute to the development of the centre as a facility.

4. To develop the centre as part of the national arts infrastructure to benefit local artists, arts organisations, community organisations and the community in general.

5. To provide an exhibition venue for works of art, bringing significant work to the locality and making the venue available for viewing in a non-elitist environment, by establishing and organising a Gallery for the exhibition of paintings and other works of art.

6. To provide workshops, studios and other facilities to enable artists to progress their work through the development of proper studio practices and routines in sculpture, painting, photography, print and fine arts generally.

7. To assist in the development of the broader arts infrastructure locally by networking with other arts bodies and contributing positively to arts policy.

8.  Develop a directory listing of the Association members and associates.