Rhythms is an exhibition by ReVerve, a group of nine artists based in Meath and surrounding areas who have responded to the theme alongside their peers, investigating, exploring and giving constructive feedback as well as responding creatively to each other’s work over the past two years.

Rhythms has been interpreted in different ways by the artists — from rhythms of life, seasonal rhythms and patterns, tidal cycles, flotsam and jetsam, movement of light and shade, the ebb and flow of artistic expression to the meditative process of rhythmic stitching.

Through a variety of techniques and materials the artists have explored their ideas and interpretations and examined them from different perspectives. The results, both 2D, 3D, and installation art work possess strength and confidence and is charged with thought association and narratives.  Many works have a rough or unusual sophistication which gives a different experience of beauty, open to the audience’s interpretation.

To show the beauty and versatility of materials and techniques to the viewers is an important element of this exhibition.

Rhythms takes place in the Signal Arts Centre, Bray, Co Wicklow from 4-17 January 2021.