Book launch and Photographic Exhibition of An Act of Madness

Wednesday 26th June  at 7.00pm at The BookMarket, Kells, Co. Meath

All welcome

Short story writer Martin Towey in collaboration with photographer Suella Holland launch An Act of Madness – a book and photographic exhibition which highlights life in psychiatric hospitals in early 20th Century Ireland. 

An Act of Madness is a piece of historical fiction focussing  on one woman’s story but which echoes that of thousands of Irish people stigmatised, maltreated and largely forgotten by 20th Century Irish society.  Psychiatric institutions throughout Ireland admitted large numbers of people deemed outcasts by society at the time.  Those marginalised included people with intellectual or physical disabilities, psychological or psychiatric illness, or those who were considered eccentric, standing out in society as differing from ‘the norm’. 

The central character in this story is Bridget, a 37-year-old pregnant mother of nine children who dreams of something more for her life.  Physically and psychologically exhausted by the demands made upon her, she questions her role and life’s journey.  She wishes simply to stop, to breathe, to think. Unwilling and unable to conform to societal expectations and its authoritarian institutions, her strength of character and singular thinking are met with drastic repercussions. The impact on the individual, those left behind and to follow, speak of a dark chapter in Irish society from which we are only now emerging into the light.