LUX: Light Art in Ireland

Exhibition runs from Tuesday 13  November – Friday 21 December,11:00am – 4:00pm

Helena Hamilton / Kevin Killen / Helen Mac Mahon / Lorraine Neeson / Margaret O’Brien

Curated by Davey Moor

LUX is a group exhibition of sculptural and installation works that use artificial illumination as their primary medium. The participating artists are five of the finest practitioners currently working within this field of artmaking in Ireland.

As an artistic medium, light is perhaps the purest and most essential. Most art relies on its environment for its illumination – for the very fuel of vision. On the whole, light art sets its own parameters, using as it does the primary building block of sight, and affecting the space around it accordingly.

Though the use of artificial illumination has been an active ingredient in artwork since the 1920s, the medium has grown widely since an experimental blossoming in the field during the 1960s on the American West Coast. Central to this was a break from its matter-of-fact depiction or representation through other mediums (painting, drawing) and a move towards more experiential artistic encounters. Many ongoing aesthetic principles of what can now be termed ‘light art’ were formed at this time, but its evolution has continued, and today contemporary art practices that use light as their medium greatly broaden its visual and theoretical scope through innovative technical and conceptual developments.