An Essence of Presence: a photographic exhibition by Suella Holland

Launch night: 8.00pm, Friday 13th October
Tuar Ard Arts Centre, Moate, Co Westmeath.
Runs until December 14th

Just as a picture taken off a wall leaves a mark behind, so too do people by their absence. Personal belongings abandoned, a page turned at the corner as a bookmark, sheets left on the bed ready for sleeping in, LPs on the record player, clothes hanging in the wardrobe ready to wear – all of these items leave an essence of presence – a residual feeling in the atmosphere almost like a memory. It is this presence of lives lived and memories made that photographer Suella Holland has expertly and carefully captured for her exhibition in Tuar Ard. With over 183,000 unlived-in properties in Ireland according to Census 2016 it makes you wonder, where did everybody go?
Admission free, all welcome.
with Guest Speaker:  Michelle Boyle

About the Artist :
Born in Dublin, Suella Holland grew up in Navan, Co Meath. She studied photography in DIT and graduated in 1993. Suella has exhibited regularly with various arts and photography groups and toured her first solo exhibition, ‘Stories That Remain Untold’ in 2015/16. Suella is a member of Meath Arts Group and works at The Gallery Press, Loughcrew and lives in County Cavan with her family.

In her work she explores the textures and depths of colour in dereliction and the hidden world and the beauty that lies behind things which have been forgotten. Her artistic journey is documented on her Facebook page Forsaken Ireland.