Toradh Exhibition

A workshop took place on 18th January to have a further brainstorm about the theme for this exhibition.  Thanks to Sharon and Theresa for leading the workshop. “Ebb and Flow” was voted in as the theme.  We will now have further workshops to help with ideas as well as show and tells.

Bearing in mind the limited wall space at Toradh, Annabel suggested limiting the size of work, or maybe getting all artists to work on 30 x 40 cm as we did for the portraits in Solstice “reflections” exhibition.  Peter talked about double layering of works and possibly no framing. Further discussion needed on this.

Workshops organised as follows:

Tuesday 7th February 7-8.30/9 pm   Solstice  – To investigate and explore the theme of Ebb and Flow.  Mette said she would lead this.

Saturday 18th February 11am – 1pm   Solstice – Peter requested that people come up with some ideas, sketchbook work, for this first ‘Show and Tell’.

Wednesday 15th March 6.30 – 9pm   Solstice – Show and Tell


New Treasurer

Larry Steen has agreed to be our new treasurer. Congratultions on your new job Larry.


Bru na Boinne Exhibition – Newgrange Visitor Centre

Bring paintings on April 22nd between 10 am and 12 noon.  Each artist will need to bring their own typed up labels with the following information on:  artist, title, medium, price and mobile phone number.  Peter will design and print a poster for the exhibition.


New Exhibition with Two-year Lead-in 

Peter keen to start working on a new exhibition with a two year lead in hoping that we would have some really interesting work at the end.  Submissions could be sent to Droichead arts centre in Drogheda and Solstice.  Mette suggested working on a collaborative piece.  Suella suggested everybody making work on postcard size and putting it together to make a bigger image.

Peter has a video of the collaborative piece previously made for Toradgh which he will put on facebook.



Suella said she had had new work from one member for the website but that was all.  There seemed to be an issue with the drop down names which she would look at.  Please send 12-15 images photographed unframed preferable, to Suella at or Also information about yourself, recent exhibitions, any awards and possibly a photo of yourself.  Look on the meath arts group website for current layout.


Exhibitions on at the Moment 

The Connolly Collective continues its run at Connolly Hospital, Blanchardstown.

Anna Marie Murray will be exhibiting in the library in Navan in May.

Seven women from the Sculpture degree at NCAD who graduated last year are opening in the Chocolate Factory, 26 Kings Inn Street, Dublin 1, on Thursday 2nd February.  Show continues until February 11th.

Exhibition on Papercuts and Quilling in the library starting on March 17th.

Lucien Freud exhibition – IMMA as well as an interesting exhibition in the Main Gallery on colonialism and modernism.

Simone suggested that some members got together and submitted to the library to have small group exhibitions which would still be covered by the Meath Arts Group insurance.


Request from Peter

If anyone has any skills to run a workshop and/or if anyone has any requests/ideas for future workshops then please email Peter on

Ideas from the meeting:  Mette could run a workshop on felting, colour or critical thinking.  Simone could run a workshop on jewellery making.  Peter could run a workshop on calligraphy.  Need to consider what workshops would be appropriate to enhance the work specifically for the Toradh exhibition.


Credit Union

Final decision to be made as to whether or not we will be allowed to exhibit a painting each month on the premises.  Agreement on collection and drop off of each piece is needed.  Jim suggested that out-going artist picks up early in the morning so space is free for incoming artist in the afternoon.  If this isn’t possible incoming artist takes the previous piece home and brings it to the next meeting.  Size is limited to 2 foot square.  When agreed by the Credit Union, a list will be made of participating artists and their mobile numbers.


Next Meeting

Wednesday March 1st 8pm in Fitzsimons Pub, Trimgate Street, Navan