Wording for Solstice publicity material was discussed. Agreed on the following. “The Meath Arts Group is presenting an exhibition which takes its inspiration from reflections on aspects of Irish life from 1916 through 2016. The work will be presented in a variety of media ranging from sculpture and ceramics to painting and textiles. The exhibition coincides with the tenth anniversary of the Meath Arts Group.”

Dates for the exhibition are Saturday July 23rd (opening) to August 5th. Artists can submit five pieces of work for selection with a guarantee of one being in the exhibition. Submission date not established yet.

Saturday March 12th 10am – 1pm Show and Tell in Solstice – bring work, sketchbooks, ideas to show the group
Saturday April 2nd 10.30am – 3.30pm – Portrait workshop with Peter CAN EVERYONE WHO INTENDS TO GO TO THIS WORKSHOP PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO as spaces are limited.
Saturday April 16th 10am – 1pm Show and Tell in Solstice
Saturday May 14th 10am-1pm Show and Tell in Solstice
Thursday June 9th time to be arranged Mette’s workshop on writing about your work
Saturday June 11th 10am-1pm Show and Tell in Solstice – bring finished unframed self-portraits Size of canvas or board or paper is to be 40cm x 30cm. We will get them all framed the same by Rory, the framer from Ratoath. No deep canvases.



St Ultan’s (Flower Hill, Navan) special school are having an artweek from 7th to 17th June.  They would appreciate some artworks to hang in the school for this period.  If any artist is interested in lending them one or two pieces (only 2D) the work needs to be dropped to the school to Michael O’Brien on June 7th.



Jim has been speaking to the Credit Union in Navan who have agreed to allow us to exhibit in the building on a trial basis for 12 months.  They have asked that one artist puts one piece of work in for a month and another artist takes the next month.  The work can be for sale although the staff in the Credit Union don’t want to have anything to do with the sale so please put your telephone number on the label saying something like “If you would be interested in purchasing this work please ring  . . .” Martina Keegan is the contact in the Credit Union.  A week before the new piece is going in Martina has requested an image of the piece by email (  Please note that the work is not insured against theft.  Jim is putting something in for March and there will be a draw at the next meeting for the following months.  So far Gwen, Cosette, Olly, Anne-Marie, Dorothy, Mette, Peter, Sharon, Angela and Annabel are all interested in being in the draw.  Peter and Sharon signed the indemnity form for the CU.



Three pieces each.  All work to be brought to the venue on Friday 25th March 10am until 12 noon.  Jim, Peter, Sharon, Dorothy and possibly Angela volunteered to hang the
exhibition.  Work to be related to Newgrange and Celtic theme.  Pick up works on 15th April before 3.30pm.


Next meeting – Wednesday April 6th in the Stonehouse Pub