Solstice Arts Festival will take place from 21-24 of June, and will be launched on the 22nd of June at 6pm.

The Meath Arts Group Arts Trail will also be launched at this time and run for one week, until June 29th.

Solstice has asked that a member of the Meath Arts Group exhibit a piece in the Gallery/ Café Space in order for the start and end of the trail be at the Arts Centre. Any ideas can be submitted and discussed at the Workshop on June 16th in Solstice Arts Centre. A list of people interested in taking part in the Arts Trail was compiled. Members were advised to approach shops and estate agents to secure a venue. Installations are also welcome. Once a venue has been secured, members are asked to contact Sharon on/before the 21st of June with the details, as she needs to complete the map for the trail.

As part of the Solstice Arts festival a “Plein Air” Painting Day will take place on the Ramparts on June 24th from 3-6pm. All are welcome. Weather permitting; this should be a great family day out.